Well late on this thread, but perhaps (hopefully) someone who needs to know will pick up on it. Kowa six range:: READ the instructions and it won't break down on you. Don't use the handle on the film winder, or, if you do, use it VERY gently. OK. All cameras need a bit of TLC on occasions, and for users in the UK / Europe I can HIGHLY recommend Cameratics - 120-122 Morningside Road Edinburgh, Midlothian EH10 4BX The United Kingdom Tel: 0131 447 2712 e-mail: repairs@cameratiks.co.uk. Paddy fixes my Kowa sixes and lenses - 3 sixes 1 sixmm and a super and a bunch of lenses and other bits. Anyone selling a 35 or 40 mm wide angle and a 200 or 250 tele, a bellows, and a 2 x converter? I'd be very happy to get a meassage from you. Don't believe the sceptics, if you stick to the user manual (Mike Butkus has them) and leave the winder arm tucked in they are fine. Superb glass, Kowa rank very highly in the cinema, TV and scientific lens areas as well as in binoculars and scopes. I also use autocords, mamiya C330 and Mamiya 645 Pro TL in medium format. All very fine cameras. My Kowas easily rank with these. Hope this helps someone. Mike :-) (Here in Western Norway we were wondering what happened to winter right now - then we found out - it's gone on holiday in Texas!) By the way, no personal relationship in any way shape or form to Cameratics - just in case anyone was wondering.