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Good points all. Well I'm going to go ahead and try all three on the same subject with blue skies and clouds and bracket them as well and see what happens. Should I bracket +1 and -1 or +2 and -2?
This may be a fine way to learn. Make sure you take a shot without filter in place as we'll so you can see what's going on in the scene.

One test I did one time was take a gray card out on an overcast day and fill the frame mostly with it and take a shot, metering off the card (make sure there is no glare on it). Then put each filter on and start with the manufacturers filter factor, then bracket + - 1/2 stop in each direction. For the red filter maybe bracket up to +1 as a red usually needs more. Make sure you keep detailed notes. Then contact print your set of negatives and find the shot with each filter that best matches the unfiltered shot of the gray card. This test can be interesting but then again you're shooting under overcast light which is slightly bluish. Alternatively you could shoot this test on a sunny day but then you introduce color temperatures from different times of day. See how you can overthink this??