Might be cheap Stone but your effort is priceless!
Good luck with the picture and look forward to the results.

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Ok, haven't taken a picture yet with it (paint drying...) but, talk about CHEAP!

ULF Pinhole!!!!

11x14 x-ray film ($30 for 100 sheets= $0.30 per image!!)

Cardboard box, tape, flat black paint, FREE courtesy of my parents.

20cc's of Rodinal ($13/ 500ml bottle = $0.52 per image!!).

$0.30+$0.52= a whopping $0.82 camera!!! In 11x14!!!!!!

Beat that!!

Now I just need to actually take a picture...

In the mean time...

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This is my first pinhole camera so I hope I did the calculation right, it's a bit confusing to "simplify" for a guy like me...

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