Hi all,

I'm happy to announce the introduction of two new tripods in FLM's line-up.

There was a demand for taller tripods that were of the same quality and build as our existing tripods, and we can now let you know the details.

The two newbies are the CP30-XL4S and the CP30-XL4L6.

Both are made of the same high-quality 8-layer carbon fibre, and both are 100% designed and manufactured in Germany, except the CF tubes, which are Japanese.

Here are the specs:


4 carbon fibre sections per leg

Max. Height: 217cm
Max. Height without center column: 189cm
Min. Height: 13cm
Folded length: 66cm
Weight: 1,9kg
Load capacity: 15kg


4 carbon fibre sections per leg
Integrated Leveling Center Column

Max. Height: 207cm
Max. Height without center column: 187cm
Min. Height: 14cm
Folded length: 66cm
Weight: 2kg
Load capacity: 8kg

B&H will be the first store to offer these tripods, and photos are coming very soon!

Thank you