Settling in, and while it seems that Imageworks, which used to carry film and darkroom supplies, is closed, a new place called "treehouse," which seems to have started as a Lomography type place, has grown and taken the place of Imageworks as the supplier of film and darkroom supplies for the universities and film shooting public--

There seem to be two or three labs operating as well. This one seems to offer the greatest range of analogue services--

Lighthouse, which happens to be about a 10-minute walk from our apartment, is the local professionally-oriented photo dealer, but when I stopped there several months ago, they said they'd gone pretty much all digital, except for some used equipment they had for sale, and of course current production lenses that will work on film cameras. They're also a Leica dealer, so presumably they'd sell you a Leica film body, if you asked nicely.

Meanwhile, I've got a box of processed negs from the trip (nice not to have a big load of film to process at the end), but I shipped my 4x5" tank from California and the rest of our stuff will be a few weeks yet before it arrives, so I'm contemplating how to set up the darkroom in our new place. We've got a second bathroom, as we did in New York, so I suspect it won't be too different from the last darkroom, maybe with some extra storage in a weatherproof cabinet out on the lanai.