Hey all.... I am a 15 yr Minolta gal. Love em. I have beat the stuffin outta mine forever. Probably put a milloin frames thru the old 8000... Honest!! The only thing that slowed me down was some moron stole my gear. So I did some soul searching, and decided to step into Nikon shoes. The reason was thus: Digital someday. (mainly for soccer tream stuff, ((volume)) and dances).... It looks to me that the forerunner of choices is in the Nikon based bodies. So, hmm....need to learn what I am doing, so I scored on a good buy from a nikon boy (N90s). Gotta deal on a couple of sweet lenses, and here I go... :0)
I have the Minolta 9xi, 8000i, and 7xi. Luv em!
I also shoot Mamiya 645, and Bronica 645, 6x7. Tried the Mamiya 7...uummmm..not for me. sigh. Also had a big ol Pentax 6x7, whew....
First wedding I shot on a C330, w/ 180..fun fun... umm, could you hold still and still look happy for a hour or so??? Damn, lost em again...hehehheh. I also have a large collection of oldies (brownie baby) type o stuff. I love cameras. Oh yeah, I use a mamiya 35 mm also. OOOOLD doggie..... :-)