Well, that shade tree, corner cutting lighter fluid bath did not or will not clean the gunk out to where the delay mechanism will work properly and the oily residue it leaves behind isn't helping matters either.
1. get some CRC QD Electronic Contact Cleaner http://www.oreillyauto.com/site/c/de...0439&ppt=C0090 , put the delay assembly in a small glass jar, spray the contact cleaner in the jar until the delay assembly is covered then put the lid on the jar and snug it. You can use the straw and spray the cleaner into the mechanism as you fill the jar enough also. Swish it around and let sit for a half hour or so. Check operation for smooth operation of all levers and gears.
2. get some lacquer thinner and soak the mechanism in it for a half hour or so. Lacquer thinner will dissolve any plastic or rubber part or coating and will strip bluing from shutter and aperture blades. It may strip the paint off the shutter case. Use with caution.

Once thoroughly clean put a trace of oil on the gear shafts ends and lever pivots. A drop the size of a straight pin point is all that is needed, more will act like glue. Use clock oil, gun oil, TriFlow or similar oil. Do not use 3in1 oil or Water Dispersant #40.

If this does not solve the problem then the delay assembly will have to be disassembled, all components wiped clean, and reassembled. The lever at the orange circle must float on its shaft. The oil in the lighter fluid residue is enough to gum it up.