A big thank you Ian Grant!

I had fooled with acrylic with a DA sander and made junk. I bought a pound each of 320 and 500 silicon carbide from http://www.gotgrit.com/ this stuff. http://gotgrit.com/index.php/cPath/2_6

I learned today how to break/cut glass, then made a couple 1/4" pucks for grinding. Made nice cut corners on Home Depot 11x14 glass. All new skills for me.

Then using small amounts of 320 grit made an wonderful 11x14" GG first time out. It looks better than my store bought ones. I'm just getting into 11x14 and renewing an old studio camera.

I finished an hour ago. This is great, it did take me a couple hours, but it was my first time. I am excited!

Do this. Buy grit from the above. 2 pounds delivered was $15 and a $3 sheet of glass. I don't know the seller, but he sells tiny amounts for less and delivers ASAP.

I am never buying a GG again, and I have bought 3. No complaints with them, but this is more fun and way cheaper. I can watch a movie and do it.

Thanks again, Ian Grant!