There is an internal light/heat baffle dividing the area behind the mixing box. I think it blocks light and also makes the cooling air run the long way around the chambers. If light is emitting from the rear air intake outside baffle a filter could be boxed to solve that problem. I haven't fully powered up yet. I'm wired, but I ordered new lamp sockets. I got rid of the main power wire hanging out the back and converted to a computer type power socket. Much cleaner and no frayed wires

Heck, I am not even going to use a timer for a while, just let a metronome tick and count off. Finger timer.

I will be selling 4 original power supplies...

Eric, are you still using yours?

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You also have to think about light leaks when messing with the air inlet, you don't want to fog all your highlights. My head had significant light leakage at the inlet that I had to make a little baffle out of gaff tape to reduce the leakage. Just a thought.