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The Nikon F had its share of idiosyncrasies, but the worst was the Photomic finder. The camera and finder were capable of accurately metered and sharp photos, so I used one for years despite its awkward handling. I do still use Nikon F, but with a neat and simple prism finder.
Selling a plain prism Nikon F (cheap too!) was probably my single worst photographic mistake, at least so far as equipment goes. A few years ago I bought an F2AS but it only reinforced the difference between the two and I sold it soon after. I liked the hinged back of the F2AS, but the finder destroyed all sense of balance and ergonomics.

So far as ugly goes, the T-Series Canons must be a major contender, and sold by the million in spite of their looks. I have a soft spot for my T90, despite the horrible, jelly mould, faux ergo design influencing nearly every SLR and DSLR since. And the logo is probably the worst bit of graphic design ever seen on any camera, never mind one with professional pretensions.