Here are the latest results of my tests. As you can see, I spent a bit of time placing side by side and labelling. Have had to resize to meet upload requirements. Still you should be able to see what is going on. Shots were taken one after the other in stable lighting conditions.

Scans were dome at same settings, except that I used the shadow dropper tool in the rebate for each image in order to determine a true black. The images look about right on my monitor (D50 and gamma 2.2), but in any case you can do a comparison.

ISO 80 seems a bit light, so ISO 100 would be better. For the 1 stop push, I used ISO 200, whereas ISO 160 would have been better!

Am very concerned about the unpredictability of the treatment of skies. The red-ness also comes into the shot of the cliff in the warm dawn sunlight. More so in some tonal areas than others.

I have now uploaded these to the Technical gallery

I shot early afternoon yesterday in a comparison with RVP100F. Will see how the sky is rendered in the colder light.