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As an adolesent I wanted an Exakta. Then I got to shoot a few rolls w/ a Contax II. I was hooked. 3 lenses, EZ to focus, EZ to view to 85mm. I had perfect eyesight back then. Never did get a Contax. Shame. My Rollie was OK till a W.A. or Tele lens was needed.
But God was an EXakta aweful, Jay Drew
I had an Exakta VX-IIa, with a Schneider Xenon. I thought it a bit quirky (OK a lot quirky), but far from awful. The best thing about it, I traded it to a neighbor - he wanted to use it on a telescope. What he offered in trade turned out to be an as-new Leica IIIG with a Summitar. He thought it was a IIIA, and I didn't know the difference at the time. When I apprised him of the error and pointed out that it was worth probably 10 times what the Exakta gear would bring, he just sort of stared at me for a few seconds and said "looks like you got lucky".