Second try is drying! it seems a lot more even but still is unsharp, and I went through the process of completely re-doing the "lens" (hole) and sanding and measuring etc.

Well I think this will be my final entry.

It takes me a long time to do this for just one image but it was totally worth it, however I think I'll have to wait until I can get a real lens (and camera) that covers 11x14...

Also stripping the neg is a pain, it's hard to get even development on both sides so you have to strip the side that's against the tube wall.

I do kinda like that the corners are missing, gives it that "custom made" look, but it's uneven.

I had a mishap and one of the sheets fell out of the "holder" so I wasted one (plus travel to a spot to shoot it) and then re-designed the holder to grab more of the edge for the second shot.


This whole MSA has been a learning experience in design and given me a new respect for camera makers and photographers from 100 years ago.

I also totally realized mid way through development that I never heated up the development to temperature so I measured it, and it was at 60 degrees Fahrenheit (instead of my normal 68, so at 6 minutes I dumped and added 225ml (which is all the tank holds) for another 3 minute run (total of 9 minutes at 60 degrees Rodinal 1:50).

It was an estimation of the difference in temperature and the action on the developer. It looks like I guesstimated pretty well (I think...?).