I saw this article and it got me thinking...

Judge Seals Cameron Diaz Modeling Photos
Tue Aug 5, 7:03 AM ET

SANTA MONICA, Calif. - Photographs of Cameron Diaz (news) taken at a private modeling session about a decade ago, before she was a star, were ordered sealed by a judge.

Judge Alan Haber ordered the photos and a videotape sealed Monday, saying Diaz has a right to privacy of her own body. He set a Sept. 12 hearing in Superior Court on her request for an injunction against photographer John Rutter.

Diaz, a co-star of the two "Charlie's Angels" films, wasn't present at the hearing. Afterward, lawyers for the 30-year-old actress and Rutter wouldn't discuss the contents of the videotape.

Diaz didn't sign a photo release, and a release produced by Rutter is a forgery, her publicist, Brad Cafarelli, said last month.

No criminal charge has been filed against Rutter.

Rutter's lawyer, Michael H. Weiss, declined comment Monday. Diaz's lawyer, Paul Berra, didn't return a phone call for comment.

The photographer told the syndicated news program "Inside Edition" in mid-July that he'd contacted Diaz's lawyers to offer them the photos before he sold them to any media outlets.

"This was a negotiation for a right of first refusal with Cameron Diaz's lawyers," Rutter said. "A few hours after her lawyers offered to buy the photos my place was raided."

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office confirmed that Rutter's apartment had been searched. The warrant was issued in an investigation "involving an incident where Cameron Diaz is the alleged victim," said spokeswoman Jane Robison.
Now, here is what I am thinking (O.k. besides, "Can I see?"):

How can the cops legally raid this guy when the question is about a model release?

First off there IS a release. Diaz's people say it is a fake. Secondly, the guy made a legit offer. They did get the right of first refusal. Now, this guy is probably no saint, but I am wondering here what warrants the cops raiding your place because of some confusion regarding a model release?

Any insight here? Or is it a case of fame buying muscle?