Hi all,

So I just finished up a photography project from the past year and I am a little confused, however, about the laws in my country: Canada.
I've done some reading up but can't seem to find a concrete answer. The issue is that I've taken quite a few street photos with people in them. Sometimes the people are prominent and you can identify, other times they are in groups and may not be easy to identify.

I think in the USA the rule of thumb is that if it's in the public (and people haven't secluded themselves privacy) then it's almost fair game. However, it sounds like Canada may not necessary allow this in the same way??

I would love to hear your thoughts on this as I'm really passionate about documenting people and places all around me. I know making the photos is no problem but if I can't publish it then it's almost like my work is secluded for only my own viewing?