I'm assuming that their was nudity involved. And I have to say that the person that was photgraphed should always have the right of refusal. To go to them and try to extort money is desporate and unethical. I've photographed the nude for 15 years now and always gotten a signed release from the model. Yet if I decide to publish an image shot 12 years ago we always contact the person first and if they say no, it "is" frustraiting, but it's no different than a relationship heading to be sexual then one of the partners deciding at the last second to back out. It has to be respected! In Camorens case she is a public figure and needs to respect/protect her future. The truth is if the image/film was so important then Rutter could have re-done it with a willing person, so I'm guessing that his real motivation was simply to cash in on her celebrity status. If that is true and their agreement is not mutal then he has brought this on himself.