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This is true - with a small qualification.

The old contact paper was quite slow, and some contact printers had correspondingly intense light sources.

So you might discover that the exposure times needed for enlarging paper are inconveniently short.

The solution? Replace the bulb with something of lower intensity, or add something else that will lower the light intensity.
Matt speaking of light sources, you guessed right. This contact printer has two 15watt bulbs under a frosted pane of glass.

I have done a few (more like 10) runs of contact prints, using LPD (1:1), TF4 (1:3), and Ilford Ilfobrom Gallery FB paper (Grade 2). What I am running into is making exposures of 8-10 second produces nothing but solid black. I found that an exposure of 1 second (literally closing the lid and open it right back up) will give me an image. I tried taking out one of the bulbs but that only gives me 1 more second and an uneven exposure.

What are some thing I can try to get better contact prints using what I got?

P.S. The bulbs are 3" below the top pan of clear glass the negative and paper sit on.