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Matt speaking of light sources, you guessed right. This contact printer has two 15watt bulbs under a frosted pane of glass.

I have done a few (more like 10) runs of contact prints, using LPD (1:1), TF4 (1:3), and Ilford Ilfobrom Gallery FB paper (Grade 2). What I am running into is making exposures of 8-10 second produces nothing but solid black. I found that an exposure of 1 second (literally closing the lid and open it right back up) will give me an image. I tried taking out one of the bulbs but that only gives me 1 more second and an uneven exposure.

What are some thing I can try to get better contact prints using what I got?

P.S. The bulbs are 3" below the top pan of clear glass the negative and paper sit on.

enlarging paper is too fast. Use Azo or Lodima paper. I have now contact printed 4x5s on a contact printer with two 15 watt bulbs. My exposures are around 2 seconds with a minute or less in the developer. I'm using AZO G-4.

I am serious. And you are welcome to send me your surplus of Galerie About this I am only half joking.