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We are discussing this on another thread but in a nutshell these are from Sundance film festival and I'd be almost certain they were one-and-done portraits snatched in 30 seconds each at a gala or party. In other words, a lot of pressure and a small amount of time to get a shot. It's not like the photographer can just phone up 50 stars and ask them to come back and sit down for an hour until she gets the shot she wants. And of course Phillip Seymour Hoffman will never sit for another portrait again, may he rest in peace.

For what it's worth I think the whole series of portraits is fantastic. It's a very different way to see people who are photographed on a daily basis.
i can understand your comment as referring to the poses and lighting and so on -- one-and-done is hurry up, sure.

But what I was referring to was the technical finish of the images -- the iffy focus is one thing, or someone moved, but the sloppy handling in the darkroom, the streaks and smears, tell me someone is not very proficient at their work.

Either that or, as I said, they want them to look "old" under the impression that folks think old tintypes look like that. Given the once-in-a-lifetime aspect of at least the Hoffman shot, it's a pity there wasn't more care put into the finishing aspect of the things.