I do not like neg color film. Not because it is worse than Slide or anything like that but because I can't read neg film. The orangeness of it keeps me from interpreting the colors. I like transparencies because what I see on the slide is what I see on the slide. I can take it to the printer and say match the slide. If I said that about a neg I would get an orange POS. I feel I am in less control with Negative color film.

So what Slide film deals with people the best? My new one will be here very soon and I want to be better prepared than the last time. BW no problem. Color on the other hand is stumping me.

From what I have seen Astia does real well, but those were only in magazines. I have not seen anything done with other films beside Velvia. I accidentally shot some pictures of my son with velvia and was not impressed.

All images will be shot with available light at wide aperatures.

I know this is personal but I want opinions and reasons. Thanks.