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I would suggest Fuji Astia or Kodak Elitechrome. The elitechrome is a "consumer" level slide film that is both cheap (in comparison to Kodak's other offerings) and works very well with skin tones. These are both daylight/flash balanced films, though--will these shots be available light from the sun or artificial, because that would make a big difference.

I also liked Provia in the Fuji slide category; it gives a little more snap in the colors than Astia, but renders skin tones quite well.

I have personally shot all of the above films.

I've never really been into slides before, but would be tempted if I wanted to do any color shooting. I've got some Kodachrome slides of me in 1962 that still look like they were shot & processed yesterday (well.. I don't look like I do in '62, although some folks might be inclined to say I occasionally act like it ;) ).

I notice at B&H, Kodachrome is still available, though from other apug threads I know that only one lab still processes Kodachrome, and Kodak outsources to them. B&H's price on Kodachrome-64 is US$6, US$12 for Kodachrome-64 pro (both 135-36) and US$9 for a mailer to process via Kodak (who actually, if memory serves, ships it to a non-Kodak lab in Montana, US).

How do people project slides nowadays? I take it the old Kodak Carasells (sp..) are defunct and pretty much eBay only.

Just ignore if there's a risk of hijaacking Mark's thread. This just reminded me that I had some slide questions.