i see another thread where a lot of folks are saying how the tintype of hoffman captured him perfectly, showing the struggle and conflict and blah blah blah ...

IN RETROSPECT, yeah, it does all that. But what if the guy were a comedian, a guy known for his sunny disposition, a guy famous for being a lover of all that is bright and cheerful, had no secret troubles at all, and what if it was a guy who'd never, ever, died from a heroin overdose?

Then I suspect folks would look at that tintype and say "Uh, can we do another one?"

If the artist is happy with them, fine, it's her work. I decline to criticize.

On the other hand, there's someone here who's posting tag line is "Actually, my pictures are a lot better than they look." When you have to tell folks that, and you aren't joking, it's time to up your game.