I really hope that Ilford or some other company will come up with an answer to Panalure. If I want B&W prints from my color negs, I really want them to be silver metal rather than just grey dye. As for the gentleman who said that Kodak wants out of the analog photo business, you don't know what the **** you're talking about. Kodak sells so much color negative material every year for still amateur professional and cinematography applications it'd make your head spin. According to Kodak, 2004 marks the HIGHEST ammount of MP film EVER sold by the company in its long long history. Also, sales of color negative film are *still* up, so Kodak knows that film is still a big player in C-41, just not as much so in B&W and E-6. Kodak is also the only manufacturer of S-8 film left, and the only manufacturer of B&W 35mm MP film. Ilford discontinued all of their 16mm movie stocks, whereas Kodak actually upgraded theirs last year. I AM worried about their new CEO, who probably doesn't even know how film works, being a former CEO of Hewlett Packard. Hopefully, all of the little guys who work on film at Kodak won't let that bastard totally ruin the company in the coming years.

~Karl Borowski

P.S. Does anyone know what this means for Ilfochrome? I thought it was manufactured in Switzerland as well.