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What people refer to as the "famous shutter squeak" of the A series Canon Cameras is very misleading to owners who try and lubricate their camera shutters and ruin them, I asked the technician who services my cameras he told me it's nothing to do with the shutter, but is a dry bearing in the mirror braking mechanism.
Canon's first electronic camera with a C.P.U. was the EF http://www.mikegrigsby.com/html/canon_ef.html, which was I.M.O. was a much better camera than the AE1.
Yes, it's the mirror return mechanism that commonly squeaks. Anyway, thanks to a YouTube vid, it's fixed now. Sounds and operates like a new camera.

As for the Canon EF, I'd love to own one someday - a very beautiful and well made camera. Still, the article you referenced does not state anywhere that it has a CPU. The EF does have an electronic auto exposure system with shutter priority, and it has an excellent Copal electronic shutter. Plus it has something that I wish all cameras of that era had: a voltage regulator circuit.