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I wouldn't think the Canon is optimized for B&W from my experience (that's all I shoot). I do not like/trust the Canon metering because I had exposures all over the place on every AE-1, A1, AE1P camera I ever owned, and I tested the shutter speeds on all the cameras before shooting them. I finally gave up and bought an FTb and it's been spot on w/ the exposures. I think the Canon system is good for color, but not necessarily B&W film. Of course these are old cameras and who knows how they behaved back when they were new. For what it's worth, every Nikon or Nikkormat I've owned didn't have any exposure issues. I trust the Nikon meters, not so the Canons.
as a big fan of Nikon's matrix metering system,I agree entirely.Also,my Gossen's are all within 1/3 stop of each other;all calibrated with(or compared to)'sunny 16',std Florida sunat noon.