When I got home I tried to blast in the drive (with a running start) but got stuck; and it's a full-sized car. At least I was out of the street. Got out the snow blower, and then pulled the rest of the way in.
I did that once in a Ford Probe GT - it was so cool seeing the snow flying over the hood. Yeah, got stuck, but I got more than two car lengths into the driveway in about 20" of light powdery stuff. There was room for my then husband to drive in (he had 4WD, too) after me and then get out the snowblower.

Here, this afternoon I needed to get to the store. We didn't get much snow, just a lot of drifting. The roads were fine, but it took me over half an hour to get through my driveway. Ken had made a path when he left this morning, but it had drifted the worst in the driveway (could see grass in the yard). I almost made it through the worst patch (about two car lengths long), but couldn't cut to the right where I'd planned because I have no power steering in the Escape right now. So the FWD 4 cyl got stuck - mostly on the stuff it packed down under the center of the car. Took some shoveling and rocking, but it got through. And Nate fell asleep in the car while I was unsticking it, so I had to keep going. Then, after I got home, our neighbor had left a note on our door while we were out asking if we wanted him to plow it. My timing stinks.