That doubling is not necessarily wrong since it matches the Photographers Formulary version (dry, not liquid). Due to transport constraints I can only buy the dry version from PF and in the instructions that comes with it, and inside the powder bag, the potassium bromide has 0.2g. This matches the table found in this app. I have been doing it like that for almost a year with such great results that I have not yet forced myself to try making a version with only 0.1g. But this has bugged quite a bit me since I know that Sandy King's site on Pyrocat has only 0.1g. Does anyone here knows the differences and what to be expected by a change in the pot. bromide of the formula? Thanks

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Ok, I downloaded it and did a quick check on a formula I use routinely. The Pyrocat HD formula lists double the amount of Pot. Bromide than is currently recommended.

I wonder if other formulas are reported correctly.

No citric acid based stop bath included either.

I look forward to seeing updates.