Meet Red Rooster Cam and Goat Rock Cam, two of my favorite pinhole cameras. Sorry they were not constructed just for MSA. Taylor Maid Farms is a favorite coffee roasting company here in Sonoma County, California. I actually roast my own coffee, but friends are happy to save these for me.


These cans are great for pinhole because there is a lip inside the rim to hold a 5x7 paper negative perfectly. The lip also supports a black paper insert as a light seal. I think they are light tight, but I put a small piece of aluminum foil on top as a failsafe, which also indicates they are loaded. The pinholes were made from drink can aluminum, and the shutters are tape. Red Rooster Cam has built in "rise", and if you want "fall" just turn it upside-down! Both are spray painted flat black inside, and I usually use "pearl" paper to reduce reflections. GRC has a distictive blockage on one end, RRC has a shiny spot that makes a flare on the right side of every picture... these are part of the "character" of the cameras and I like them as they are.

You can see a few more photos from the cameras here:

We are having an unusually dry winter, so the first MSA picture is a reservoir where I often walk the dog. I have never seen it this low. The camera location is usually under more than 15 feet of water!

Here is RRC making the MSA photo a week ago:


Yesterday we finally got some rain so here is Goat Rock Cam making a counterpoint photo:


And here are the results. The first is a contact print and the second is a neg scan: