I can't quote law, locally their was an incident where a photgrapher photgraphed a mother and young daughter together, the lab he took the film to called the authorities, they raided, taking film, prints and computer systems, essentially putting this studio out of buisiness for 8 months until the case was dropped with no appoligies. In dispute was the age of the young daughter being unable to give consent. This took a wonderful situation and ruined it. As far as Cameron is concerned we don't know how high the photographers demands were or his attitude in dealing with the actress. It could have been considered harrassment. her body and mind is her market and she has every right to protect herself from his " weapons of mass distruction" to her career. We can discuss legal semantics all day long but the truth is we have responsibilities to the people we work with. To satisfy our concepts and our pocketbooks we need to cultivate good will and reward their participation, not use it to extort.