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Cool, I'm interested...

My first SLR was a Ricoh (still have it, just had a run-in w/a concrete wall and a hard place or I'd still be using it). They seem to have been somewhat underrated I think, I have their digital camera because of the M mount unit which makes it usable with some film rangefinders. I think they know cameras, will be interesting to see what they come out with.
Underrated for most of their SLR cameras, that's for sure, although the KR10x and KR30x did not have the building quality of the previous models, as though Ricoh was neglecting its work before closing its SLR lines. Also, what is sad about the SRL Ricoh cameras is the fact that the parts are much harder to find than the other major brand names in the market. I kind of miss a good old though built Ricoh KR5.