I am selling a Voigtlander Bessa T rangefinder body in very good condition. The camera works perfectly. The only issue is a barely perceptible vertical misalignment of the rangefinder patch. This is very minor and takes some effort to even notice, but I mention it in the nature of full disclosure (as I always try to do). The camera is in close to new condition.

The Bessa T is a modern Japanese-made M mount rangefinder body which features a built-in accurate TTL meter and rangefinder. The camera has an all-mechanical shutter with speeds up to 1/2000 sec, so batteries are not required for use. Finders and lenses are added by the user to make a complete camera system. I have one or two LTM->M adapters available at very modest additional cost which I can sell with the camera if the new owner contemplates using this body with Leica thread mount lenses.

This is a fantastic camera body for the money!

Price: $210 plus insured shipping