I've been shooting film for a year and a half, developing in my basement but never enlarging (just scanning). I am currently taking a darkroom class (using a Beseler 23c). So far I've only done contract prints and Monday I start making actual enlargements - so I'm really inexperienced. I am loving the hands on aspect of it and the incredible sharpness of a small enlargement (looking at 4x6 working prints) vs scanned and sub-dye printed image.

The thread on tiny darkrooms (http://www.apug.org/forums/forum43/1...arkroom-1.html) has given me hope of having my own dark room. The only place in the house I can setup a darkroom (for reasons of marital bliss) is the basement bathrooom. It has a toilet, tiny sink, and 28" shower all in the space of a phone booth. Until reading the above thread, I had only even known enlargers like the Beseler 23c; big and heavy beasts.

Since learning about the existance of the Durst M600 and other compact and easy to disassemble enlargers I have hope. The idea of having my developing trays stacked vertically on shelves in the shower, instead of taking up valuable horiztonal space is great.

I can get an Meopta Axomat II locally for $40 (not sure on what exactly is included with it), but the reading I've done suggests it can only do 35mm. Can anyone suggest a good compact enlarger that can do both 35mm and 6x4.5 (or larger), so I can keep an eye out for it?

It seems like these small enlargers use glass in the negative carrier. I've read that some people have newton ring issues. Are there any small enlargers that don't have glass, or alternatively, could an insert or carrier be lazer cut to make it glass-less? Is having glass even enough of an issue to wory about?