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We have a small Durst F60 and can do 35mm or 6x6. For medium format it needs to use the 6x6 accessory condenser.

+1 on that. I have a Durst F30 (35mm only model of that) that I could easily pack into a small box. It's incredibly easy to use, even more so than my fantastic LPL 6700DXL. If the bigge rbrother is anythign like it, it'll be incredibly easy to use and very portable. I wouldn't cheap out on something older, Russian, beat up, etc. I started on an old Omega and had all kinds of issues, with the Durst and LPL things are incredibly smooth and easy.

I wouldn't hesitate to take the Durst with me on vacation or a long road trip, It makes beautiful 8x10s, and is tiny. I've seen M60s for under $100. I got my F30 for $25.