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That is utterly awesome, and other than the inability to do larger than 35mm, would be absolutely ideal (it also gives me an idea of making my hardcase/base for whatever I end up with).

The filters seem to attach below the lens. I'm guessing getting replacement filters would be difficult?

The Durst F60 also looks really promising.
You can use below-the-lens filters. I have Kodak Polycontrast filters with a holder. It functions like a christmas tree stand pinching onto the lens. They work great! Ilford also makes filters set up like this, but they're a bit pricey. In a pinch, you can hand hold regular cut filters below the lens, but this doesn't really work if you have dodging and burning to do.

I, too, have thought about making something similar for my F30 or similar. Basically, mounting the column to a reinforced briefcase with enough room in it for the column, set of 8x10 trays, developing tank, a couple graduates, and a small repackaged bottle of Rodinal, as well as small bottles of Ilford MG, Stop, and Kodafix concentrates. I have some designs mocked up, but haven't had the time lately. If I can find a scanner, I can email scans of my sketches and measurements.