Shootar, I had the 50/1.2, the 50/1.4 x2, and the 50/2 x2. All pre AI, all in excellent unhazed condition. I now have just the two f:2 Nikkor Hs, a lens that can stand comparison with a Summicron-R. At f:2, they're better than the faster lenses at the same aperture.

Back when the only easy option for very low light was pushing Tri-X these ultrafast lenses were useful, they still are if that's the look you want - I also had the LTM f:1.2 Canon and had fun using it this way. That was 20+ years ago when these lenses were considerably cheaper, now I use T-Max 3200 and the aformentioned lenses and get better results. Fast color films have improved considerably as well.