This is a Wollensak 12 inch f4.5 Velostigmat II lens with soft focus adjustment. The limit pin has been removed so that the front element can be unscrewed quite a bit, rather than just 1 turn (0-5). This lens would be great for wet plate, portraiture, still life, or landscape use. It covers 8x10 or smaller format.

The glass is in pretty good shape, clear with no haze. Has a few nicks, cleaning marks. The rear group has some minor edge separation.

The Studio shutter is missing the Open/Close lever and as a result does not function. The aperture adjustment works fine. The aperture is not very round at f64, but I believe this is normal. The soft focus ring is a bit tight, so I use a rubber band around the rim to get better grip. Flange and Kodak 2D 6" lens board included.

$285 plus postage. Paypal accepted. Let me know if any questions or if you would like more pics.