Selling a bunch of items I'm just not using. All filters are in great shape, and the majority of them were never used.

Shipping is extra, money order or Paypal preferred.

Tiffen 86mm Circular Polarizer (in original box, with soft case) $25
Tiffen 86mm UV filter (with soft case) $18
Tiffen 72mm UV filter ( 2 with case) $10 ea
Tiffen 67mm Haze 1 filter $5
Tiffen 62mm circular polarizer ( 2 with case) $10
Tiffen 62mm UV filter ( in original box) $4
Tiffen 52mm circular polarizer (with case) $10
Tiffen 52mm UV filter $2

Hoya 52mm UV filter (in case, unused) $3

Nikon 52mm L39 filter (in case) $8
Nikon 52mm L1Bc filter (in case and box) $10
Nikon 62mm L1Bc filter (2 in cases) $10

Set of 3 below $30

Nikon 72mm Y48 filter $13
Nikon 72mm R60 filter $13
Nikon 72mm 056 filter $13

Nikon nylon shoulder straps - thin type with chrome buckles that are marked "Nikon" - all unused in package (3) $9 ea.

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photo 2-9.jpg