I've finally admitted it - I have too many nice cameras, and can't use them all! I've had this outfit for around 10 months, and have only found time to shoot 3 rolls of film with it - it deserves more use, so I've decided to sell it. I would prefer to sell it as an outfit, so I've priced it accordingly..

To make sure everything is working the way it should I shot a test roll of Fuji Acros through it this morning, and the results are great.

What I have for sale are:

Mamiya 645J body with split screen and 120 insert. There is slight paint wear on the rear door - otherwise it's in great condition showing little sign of use. I had new light seals fitted to the camera when I bought it.

Mamiya Non Metered prism (fitted to camera in pics. Ex condition. This prism has the usual "line" visible in the viewfinder. You don't tend to notice it when shooting, and obviously has no affect your photos).

Mamiya f1.9/80mm lens - in Ex/Ex + condition. The lens has a couple of specs of dust in the front group (but NO haze/fungus), it has no marks on the front element, the focus is smooth through the entire focus range, and the aperture works well (no traces of oil on the aperture blades). Complete with UV filter and non-original lens cap. A great lens with little depth of field at full aperture.

Mamiya Delux L Grip - this is the left hand grip with shutter release built in that is fitted to the camera. It has a adjustable hand strap built in.

Mamiya shoulder strap.

Mamiya f5.6/300mm lens in Ex condition - no dust/fungus, focus is smooth through the entire focus range, and the aperture working well (no oil). Complete with UV filter, Mamiya rear cap and aftermarket front cap. There are a couple of small marks on the hood. These were there when I got the outfit. This lens works great, and produces great sharp photos.


I wasn't sure what this gear was worth, so I had a look at what KEH is selling gear for in similar condition (I've based my pricing on gear in EX condition - each item is in at least EX, or 7.5 out of 10 condition). If I add up the prices for each individual item the total comes to over $620 US

You can buy the lot for $430 US In other words buy the body, 80mm lens and prism I'll throw in the strap, grip and the 300mm lens for free

Postage will be at actual cost from Melbourne, Australia (please contact me for a postage quote. Also you pay actual postage cost, and I'll pay for insurance). Payment by PayPal (I'll cover their fees), and I'll make a donation to APUG when it sells.

I would really prefer to sell this outfit as an outfit, but if you are interested in only one part of it let me know and I'll see if we can come up with some sort of deal......