1) Nikon F3 rewind crank. Later style with the "U" shaped spring for the handle. Smooth edge style, as what's used on the regular F3, F3HP, F3AF, and F3/T. Will work on an F3P, F3 Limited, or F3H, though. Same thread pitch. Also useable on an F2, Nikkormat EL series, FT2, FT3, EM, FG, FG-20, FA, FE/FM series, etc. Came on my latest beater FM2n. Found that I still had the crank from an FM2n I parted out last summer. So, the camera's stock again. $10+shipping.

2) Nikkormat FS/FT/FTn crank. Black. Missing the leaf spring and the pin that goes through the crank handle to hold it in the crank knob. Decent cosmetic condition. Came off a junker FTn that I parted out in December. $5+shipping.

Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail small flat-rate box ($5.60 in the states). Payment is via PayPal. Add fees, or send as a personal payment. If you do the latter, please put your mailing address in the message field. PayPal address is volvo242gt@gmail.com.