Hey all,

Listing up my 5x7 camera and the following accessories due to a "changing of the guard" camera-wise. After checking out a 5x7 Linhof Technika V earlier this week, I'm really diggin it!
Seeing that Mr. Cochran doesn't seem to be delivering cameras in a timely fashion, I thought that anyone who might have been lusting after one of the "new" Deardorff's might want to re-think that, and get a REAL Deardorff!

Anyhow, here's my camera:
•Late(r) production(2/9/1979, sold through Helix Camera, as per Ken Hough), so it's got the "goodies" like front swing, etc...
•As you can see, quite clean condition. I've put a light coat of Old English wood conditioner on it ever 3mo or so(wipe on, wipe off after 30s) to help protect it.
•Bellows are light-tight, and extend to (almost, but not quite) 23-24". I use my 450mm Fujinon on it all the time, and it's still got a good bit of bellows left to rack out!
•5X7 back is not original to this camera, I'd guess it's an earlier vintage than the camera + 4x5 back. I installed a Steve Hopf borosilicate ground glass on it, that's included in the sale. Screen has a 1" CLEAR grid on/in it.
•4x5 back is the 360˚ free-rotating one. Makes things much easier since you don't have to unclip the back to rotate orientation! Screen installed is the original Deardorff one.
•All wooden parts are showing no cracks or splits. Finish throughout camera is quite nice, not absolutely impeccable like a brand new camera, but definitely better than most other (well) used cameras I've seen as of late.

Please consult the pictures I've taken in the link below:

Included in this sale are the following items:
1. Camera (serial #1162)
2. 4x5 360˚ rotating back *not graflok compatible* w/ original factory Deardorff screen installed
3. 5x7 back w/ Steve Hopf borosilicate ground glass w/ 1" clear grid
4. Deardorff(Barry Cochran sourced) Technika adapter board *metal, anodized aluminum*
5. 5x7 lexan ground glass protector. I made this myself, so it's not "perfect", but it does a fine job of protecting the $75 screen that's installed!

$2200USD + shipping/Paypal fees(if you choose to use Paypal, 3% domestic, 4% int'l).
I am able to accept the following methods for payment in addition to Paypal: Cash(in-person), cashier's check(must clear before I ship), USPS Money Order(s), or a bank transfer.
I prefer to use USPS Priority Mail within the USA, but if you prefer UPS or Fedex, I can of course accomodate you if you prefer them(US only, int'l rates through UPS/Fedex will kill your wallet!)
I'm totally willing to ship worldwide, as I recognize there are passionate LF photographers OUTSIDE of the USA who want/appreciate clean, dependable gear like this camera!
Please note that for int'l sales I use USPS Express Mail (only) for items of this value. This includes full insurance, and signature confirmation. Step-by-step tracking is standard w/ this service. It's also much faster than Priority Mail.

Thank you for looking, please send me an email if you'd like to purchase, or have any questions pertaining to the camera or accessories in this sale:
mr.danielstone (@) gmail (dot) com