I had the same reaction for a long time to color negative film. However after trying to print it, I think it is great. I just make a contact sheet to see what is on the film. It is disconcerting to not have a reference point to aim for, but you can always shoot a gray card if you want (I hear it works, though I don't do this). I then just adjust the colors until I am hppy with the print. The Kodak Portra line prints very nicely on Kodak Endura paper. So don't be scared of it, even if the negs are ugly.

If you want to scan and print digitally then Astia is a great film. I haven't been able to get decent prints of people on Ilfochrome with it however. To my eye the only film that doesn't seem to have color crossover with Ilfochrome is Kodachrome. If it came in 120 again I would shoot it most of the time when I want prints. Of course I am far from an expert in color printing, especially Ilfochrome.