graphic arts lenses are a good substitute for taking lenses. The Kowa and G-Clarons are excellent and I have a 305 and a 210 G-Claron. The graphic arts lenses are generally somewhat slower than normal taking lenses. Mine are typical and are f:9's. This is really not a problem for me and the G-Clarons can be screwed right into a Copal #1 shutter. Those Copal #1 shutters can be had new for around $345 with the proper scale for f:stop markings. These can be bought from . The issue of mounting lenses to shutter is best left to professionals as sometimes there needs to be a spacer ring in either the front or the rear of the shutter to make the lense focus poperly and at the right spot. SkGrimes company (he died this year) can do this type of work. Also, I would not think of these longer lenses as telephoto unless they really are of that design. In largeformat they are just longer and require more bellows to focus at infinity. The tele designs use less bellows but cost more.