I don't think she has a long leg to stand on.

The reason a photographer has a model release in the first place is so that he has the right to sell the pictures that he has taken. When the pictures were taken he must have paid her in some manner. If down the road she becomes rich and famous he has every right to sell the pictures. That is the slippery slope that actors etc must go through, when they are living through their salad days, is whether to pose or not.

The pictures are a commody and the photographer has the right to contact the subject for right of first refusal. If she decides that she doesn't want to pay for them he has the right to sell elsewhere. That may sound like extortion but it is still legal.

The choices that she made when being photographed are coming back to haunt her. But they were still her choices. Even if she didn't sign the release, she should have known better. THese things have a habit of coming back to bite you in the ass.

If the release is in fact a forgery then the pictures should be returned to her or destroyed. However determining that fact is not easy. Signatures change and lots of experts disagree on authenticity.

As for the search warrant it sounds like we are not getting enough information. Even in LA I don't think the judge would allow one on just on the information that we have been given.

Michael McBlane