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Thank you Bob and Nige for the help. Vanbar had a new brand in called Bienfang. The salesman says it's for B&W fibre prints and it's to be applied with heat (my iron). 8x10 costs about a dollar a sheet. I figured I am going to need it as I've recently started using fibre paper and can't imagine how you get a fb print dead flat to frame it. I've got plenty of time to learn to use it as I haven't got a print worth framing yet.
BTW Nige did you know that Vanbar has all their products and monthly specials on line now.

Thanks again for the advice.
Bienfang is a division of Hunts corp. Hunts is the same company that bought Seal recently and dropped MT-5 tissue. The tissue marketed under Beinfang is probably Seal drymount tissue.