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Stone, I did not mean to argue or cause any offence to you, and I sincerely apologise if you have felt offended by my statements. Nonetheless, I do not feel that "for sure
I am completely incorrect". Let me stress, that as long as we are *not* talking about stand development, but about normal inversion agitation processing, as recommended by manufacturers, that is a few good inversions every 30 sec, to no less than every 1 minute, then the effect you would get would be quite equivalent to that of rotary development, once you have shortened the duration of the development. As a plus, as I have pointed out, rotary would give you more consistency and less scope for error. By the way, I have discussed the matter of this difference between rotary vs inversion processing with John Sexton, a while ago, and he seemed to think along the same lines.

I would like to know what evidence you have to state that the results would be significantly different when we consider these two approaches. Have you, actually, done a side-by-side comparison?
No offense, just don't feel like re-hashing or repeating and thread jacking.

My hand technique does not follow normal agitation recommendations, depends on each film but often the pattern is 1:1:2:1:1:2:1:1:2:1:1 where it's one minute between agitations, and then 2 minutes and also my "agitation" is not 3-4 inversions in 10 seconds it is one inversion only, very gently, over a 10 second period.

So it is closer to stand I would suppose, but adding a finer grained result than stand, which is sharp but grainy, mine is fine-ish but sharp edges, with what I can only describe as contrast in highlights unlike normal "blow out" or normal tonality, I don't have the word for the look I strive for, except it changes drastically even adjusting times with my current use of Rodinal. So I'm switching.

Nuff said, no offense taken or given, I will move forward regardless, I am now determined. "I am the decider and I have decided!" As a movie quote says.