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No offense, just don't feel like re-hashing or repeating and thread jacking.

My hand technique does not follow normal agitation recommendations, depends on each film but often the pattern is 1:1:2:1:1:2:1:1:2:1:1 where it's one minute between agitations, and then 2 minutes and also my "agitation" is not 3-4 inversions in 10 seconds it is one inversion only, very gently, over a 10 second period.
Thanks for clarifying, and I also apologise if I made you "thread jack". I was merely hoping to address the point you made in post #154, which I read to say that you felt that Ansco 130 would not work in rotary processing, since I believe it would. Regarding your unorthodox agitation regime, I would definitely agree that it would not give you results that manufacturer-recommended agitation does, which tends to be much more vigorous, and more similar, in my experience, to rotary processing results. However, I fully respect your technique choice, and I expect great results from you.