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This is my first solo show (and may well be the last after experiencing the amount of work involved -- I'm supposed to be retired
Nice work keep showin', Dave. Three posts none acknowledged by the not entirely unexpected pathetic flotsam of gearheads and professional opinonators here on APUG. I salute you for the work, dedication (and balls) required to show.

I visited your pBase link and offer the following recent commiserative image midway through my last installation in evidence that I have also been tired and re-tired:

I noted, with interest, your wire hanging guide. FWIW, I stopped using wire for hanging years ago. Rather, I set two screws in the wall from which to hang each work's frame proper, from which key heights are determined. An inexpensive laser leveling device ls used to ensure screws are level for each wall. Once this is done for a piece or two on each showing wall, all the others slip into aesthetic position very quickly. Individual pieces may then be slid parallel along the screws to fine tune separation and center.