I've finally purchased a Seal Commercial 210 mounting press, and am now in need of advice concerning the type of mounting tissue to use. I will be mounting Azo 8X10" prints (single weight) as well as double weight 11X14" prints, also baryt paper.

I would welcome advice concerning the type of tissue, manufacturers and any economical sources (european as well as American) for the products. I was just at LightImpressions web site and see that they have their own lable of tissues which are substancially less expensive than the origional Seal. Anybody have experience with these tissues?

A last question which may sound silly but here goes. Are there any substitutions for a tacking iron? Can you use a soldering iron? And if I bought an origional tacking iron in the US, for about $50, (110 V) would it be possible to use in Germany (220V) (where the same item costs almost $150!!&#33 by merely changing the plug? I mean, it's only a piece of metal that heats up when electric current runs through it. No motors or electronics to worry about, right? (I told you it would sound dumb...)

Thanks for any and all advice!