I found that thesis at an Russian Site and paid 535 Rubles. Its in Russian , pdf form and text extractable. I translated with my Prompt Software in to English rtf. form and converted the file in to a pdf file. Last 10 pages are very complicated with cutaway images and I could not edit it. So its yours to put it to google translate these pages.

Every file is about 10 to 30 pages , each less than 1 MB for APUG.

There is 270 references about anamorphic lens design from 1950s to 2009 covers all the major Soviet and Foreign publications , patents and cutaway drawings.

There is intense geometric and aberration calculation section in the paper also.

Its very hard to reach anamorphic lens theory and whenever I saw it , I grasped the paper.

I am interested in Anamorphic lenses because I am thinking it was easier to cut a cylinder than sphere with a machine , for plastic mold to monocrystal original. I love the Italian Cowboy movies and the anamorphic shots where people narrow and long. My favorite lens.

If you are in the optics , it would be easy to understand some non translated but latinized words.

Let me attach translation pdf file first. Mathematical section is easier to follow.


Mustafa Umut Sarac