No, the pricing is for each size. No mixing and matching. According to Dennis Inch, the archival methods president, the big expense is setup, so making the first box is pretty expensive, with subsequent boxes being just more of the same. I am committed to 5 of the 20x28 boxes, and I am guessing I will have another 10 committed from people I have already contacted. If we can reach the 20 number, everybody wins. My thought in opening this up to these forums is that somebody who just wants one or two can get the benefit of the lower unit cost, and at the same time help the bigger purchasers. A few of us did the same thing a few months ago with 12x20 film sleeves - the minimum order was something like 1000, but we got enough people together to make it happen. Logistically, one person (probably me in this case) will place the order and 'be on the hook'. When the order is finished, I would collect the money, and then give archival methods the shipping information. I would propose that we have archival methods ship them directly to the proper people to save me the hassle of 'breaking bulk'. I am sure they would have a better shipping rate as well.